Draft Horse & Mule Extravaganza

August 31 - September 2, 2015

The draft horse and the draft mule have played a vital part in our history. They worked the fields, moved families across the country, were used for logging and in the mines hauling out ore and minerals. These animals were taken for granted when the introduction of mechanized equipment took away their work. The drafters suffered a great decline after the war years and into the 1950's. There was a modest revival in the draft horse and mule industry during the 60's. Their decline resulted in few fairs having facilities or classes for the gentle giant. The fairs that retained classes were either small county events or strictly display hitches on contract. Owners and breeders had nowhere to go for competition to have their animals judged and work towards the improvement of the draft breeds.

To reverse this trend the Washington Draft Horse and Mule Extravaganza came into being. Our first show took place in 1971 and featured 30 animals. At the present our show attracts close to 200 animals and 40 exhibitors. The Extravaganza is still one of the few shows in America to feature the Five Major Draft Breeds: the Shire, the Percheron, the Belgian, the Clydesdale and Suffolk along with the draft mule.

The Extravaganza encourages the youth of today to learn the skills of the draft breeds. Our youngsters are featured in judging competitions, showmanship, Jr. Cart, Jr. Team and Amateur Four Driver, classes. Each participant has the opportunity to compete for the Lloyd Hanson Memorial Award, presented to the best overall junior showman of the Extravaganza. Over the last years 4-H and FFA clubs are starting to find a need for draft horse divisions in the area. We now have members learning the art of braiding manes and tying tails. They will eventually learn all aspects of the draft breeds. Many exhibitors are providing an opportunity for these students to learn something many people will never experience. The Extravaganza is unique, and still recognizes a basic agricultural need and a place to present these gentle giants.

2015 Information

The 2015 Extravaganza will take place August 31 through September 2, in conjunction with the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, Washington. Your paid entry into the fairgrounds gives you access to the Extravaganza.
Our raffle horse this year is a lovely 3-year-old Belgian gelding.
Our new Show Chairman is Bob Hamstra of Lynden. Our first Show Committee Meeting for 2015 took place January 31 at the Monroe Public Library.

2014 Information

The 2014 Extravaganza took place August 25-27 in conjunction with the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, WA. The raffle horse was "Meecha", a 3-year-old Clydesdale filly. This year's raffle winners are as follows:

First place winner: ticket #2251

Second place winner: ticket #0757

Third place winner: ticket #1546

2014 Extravaganza Results

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2013 Information

The 2013 Extravaganza took place August 26-28 in conjunction with the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, WA.

2013 Extravaganza Show Agenda & Performance Schedule

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2012 Information

The 2012 Extravaganza took place August 27-29 in conjunction with the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, WA. Woody Hoopes was the winner of the 2012 raffle.

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2012 Program Advertising Form -  Please note that the back cover of the 2012 program has been sold to Klesick Family Farm. Thank you for your support of the Extravaganza!

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2011 Information

The 2011 Extravaganza took place on August 29-31 in conjunction with the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, WA.

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2010 Information

The 2010 Extravaganza took place on August 30-September 2 in conjunction with the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, WA.

2010 Extravaganza Results

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