Experience the awe and wonder of synchronized power when six one-ton animals come stomping by, pulling their massive, iron-tired wagon! Enjoy three days of precision driving performed by skilled teamsters and their hitches of gentle giants. Teams of two, three, four, and six horses vie in competitions of skill and splendor. Single horses strut in cart classes, demonstrate versatility in the riding class, and execute delicate maneuvers in the log skidding class.

The Draft Horse Extravaganza takes place August 27-29 at the 2018 Evergreen Fair in Monroe, Washington. The arenas are at the north end of the fairgrounds, in the Evergreen Equestrian Park. The big show takes place each evening from 5PM-7PM. Junior classes take place Monday afternoon. The weight pulling competition is Monday evening, after the hitch classes.

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Visitors are welcome to admire the horses in the barns throughout the day. There, you may read informative displays, learn about each hitch’s background, get a close look at the fancy show harness, and satisfy your curiosity by asking the age-old question: “How much does a draft horse eat?”


The Extravaganza is proud to feature promising young teamsters ages 8-18 demonstrating their skills in handling, driving, and showing the draft horse. Our junior competitors are featured in showmanship, cart, pair, and four-up driving classes. They are also welcome to show in the under-saddle class! Each junior participant has the opportunity to compete for either the Cornelius Verduin Memorial Award (8-12 years) or the Lloyd Hanson Memorial Award (13-18 years), presented to the best overall junior draft showperson in each age bracket.

Braiding manes and tying tails, presenting horses in-hand for the judge or driving an obstacle course, these up-and-coming exhibitors will impress you with arts that they have spent countless hours honing under the tutelage of veteran teamsters. Passing these skills, traditions, and related philosophies on to the next generation is a critical objective of the Washington Draft Horse and Mule Association.


Draft horses and mules played a vital role in our history. They worked the fields, moved families across the country, hauled out timber from the forests and ores from the mines. They moved food and building materials across town and across the continent. Before railways were built, all overland freight moved by oxen or equine. When mechanized equipment became available to perform these tasks, draft animals were largely deemed obsolete.

The draft horse population suffered a great decline after the war years and into the 1950’s. This decline resulted in few fairs having classes or even facilities to exhibit the draft horse. The fairs that retained classes were either small county events or strictly display hitches hired on contract. Owners and breeders had nowhere to go to have their animals judged against their peers, to continue to work towards the improvement of the draft breeds.

Equally injurious was the general public’s dimming awareness of the draft horse. What once had been a near-constant presence on every street in every city and town in America began, incredibly, to fade from memory. The Washington Draft Horse and Mule Extravaganza was created to reverse these trends. The first show took place in 1971 and featured 30 animals. The Extravaganza is still one of the few shows in America to welcome the five major draft breeds: the Shire, the Percheron, the Belgian, the Clydesdale and the Suffolk, along with the draft mule. While the performance classes at the Extravaganza are held to entertain the viewing public, our Draft Horse and Mule Association also looks at it as a means to reacquaint people with draft animals, thereby providing us with the opportunity to further our goal of preserving and promoting these magnificent and important breeds.


The Washington Draft Horse and Mule Association awards one or more scholarships each year to qualified students pursuing a degree in an agriculturally-related field of study. High school seniors entering college as a full-time student, or undergraduates currently enrolled in a college are welcome to apply for the $500 Patricia Haglin Scholarship. The closing date for application is February 28th of each year. The scholarship review panel will review all applications and make their selection, which is announced at the Extravaganza during the presentation of the winners of the Junior classes.

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The Washington Draft Horse and Mule Association holds a raffle to help raise funds for the Extravaganza and the Patricia Haglin Memorial Scholarship. Raffle tickets can be purchased from participating Association members, by contacting the Show Chairperson, or at the Extravaganza. The drawing is held on the last day of the Extravaganza and the winners are announced at the show, though you need not be present to win. Raffle tickets are $1 each.

The grand prize of the 2018 raffle has been graciously donated by Yakima Valley Carriage Company. The prize package consists of (getting final details from Austin Witman – first, second, and third place prizes, cashout option, scheduling, lodging, etc.)


Since the first show in 1971, Class Sponsors have been instrumental in the success of the Extravaganza. Individuals and businesses are invited to sponsor a class at levels ranging from $30 to $100. Sponsors will be listed in the souvenir program, announced during the class, and will receive two complementary single-day entry tickets to the Evergreen State Fair. Sponsors may also present the trophy to the winner of the class, if they so desire. To be listed in the program, Class Sponsorship forms and payment must be received by Friday, July 15th, 2018. Sponsorships received after that date are very welcome but those sponsors may not be printed in the program.

Those wishing to help support the Extravaganza, but not desiring to sponsor an entire class, may send any amount, which will be combined with other donations to form a class sponsorship. Those donors will be listed in the program on the “Friends of the Extravaganza” page.

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An interesting and informative souvenir program is made available to the audience and to visitors in the draft horse barn. The program is approximately 30 pages in length. It lists the participants and sponsors of each class, interspersed with draft horse facts, Extravaganza history, and advertisements from local, state, and national clubs, organizations, and businesses.

Advertising space in the program is available to purchase in sizes from business card to full page. These ads reach thousands of draft horse enthusiasts who come from all over the Northwest to enjoy the Extravaganza. Advertisement forms, payment, ad copy and any logos or art must be received by Friday, June 15th, 2018 to appear in the 2018 Extravaganza souvenir program.

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Draft horse owners interested in showing their animals at the Extravaganza are encouraged to read the Premium Book, which lists the rules, entry fees, and premiums for each class. Entry forms and Premium Book may be downloaded here or mailed to you by contacting this year’s Show Chair.

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